HUSH is an important part of the AIPFCC program. Arising from her work as a doctor at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Catherine Crock produced the HUSH series of CDs.  As a result of the success of music in reducing the stress of hospital procedures for the children, Catherine recognised the effectiveness of involving patients and their families in the treatment program.

In 2007 her team in Day Surgery were awarded the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards National award for Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety. The following year, 2008, she was invited as a delegate to the Prime Minister's 2020 summit to discuss patient and family centred care. Awarded a Churchill Fellowship, in 2010 she travelled to the US and UK to examine patient and family centred care and patient safety.

The December 2014 launch of the newest Hush music CD The Magic Island in Hobart with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra was a huge success. This music has been composed by a selection of Australia's most talented composers, creating a selection of really beautiful music.

For more information please visit the HUSH website.

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